Hall of Fame Showcase

Very Comfy Hoodie!

"This sweater is so soft and warm and the logo looks great. Can’t wait to wear it out!!" - Savannah on Feb 04, 2021

Very Comfy Hoodie!

"I'm so happy about my purchase! The shipment was easy and FAST. This hoodie is so soft and it fit perfectly! 10/10 would recommend. :)" - Mariah on Feb 01, 2021

Love my Philly Green Beanie!

"Love this beanie! Such a nice color green with natural tones that go with everything. Thick quality, warm & comfortable. Stylish & great for chilly nights!- Justine on Jan 11, 2021

These Are Perfect!

"I LOVE my hookup beanie! It has kept me comfy cozy in CO! The color is beautiful and I love the gold and ivory detail ☺️ I highly recommend!" Christie on Jan 09, 2021

hat warm for Colorado mountains

These Are Perfect!

"These are perfect. They are cute and very cozy and they arrived quickly even in the busy holiday season! As soon as my daughter and I got ours my husband ordered another one for himself!"- Jenny on Jan 06, 2021

Super Soft & Comfortable!

"Love this awesome fitting hat! It withstands the Jersey shore winter winds and very comfortable. So happy I made the investment. Thank you!"- Justine on Jan 03, 2021

So Warm!

"Love this awesome fitting hat! It withstands the Jersey shore winter winds and very comfortable. So happy I made the investment. Thank you!"- Jim on Dec 31, 2020

cozy thick pom pom beanie for winter

So Warm!

"This hat is so warm and very comfortable. I love the design and colors. It goes with pretty much anything. Fashionable way to show support for the Eagles!"- Caden on Dec 30, 2020

Well Made & Perfect Fit!

"My brother was so excited about getting this beanie for his birthday! Well made and fits perfectly. Couldn’t ask for a better handmade gift with a little love sprinkled in! Definitely recommend!"- Faylyn on Dec 23, 2020

Softest Material & SUPER Lightweight!

"Y’all. This is the softest material in the world. It’s also SUPER lightweight and perfect sized bag so you won’t be worried about your phone or wallet popping out. It’s the perfect errand or night time bag for me, because it can fit my phone, wallet, sanitizer and other goodies I like to have on me all the time."- Christina on Dec 20, 2020

So Warm!

"So glad I'll be warm tonight on my walk!"- Chris on Dec 06, 2020

Use It Everyday!

"I received this as a gift and love it! I love how I can throw it in my bag, in this case, and there’s never any damage. I bring it everywhere!"- Ally on Dec 04, 2020

Very Satisfied!

"Love the hat! Going to buy a couple more!" - Yvonne on Dec 4th, 2020 

My Sister Loves It!

"My sister has been wearing the scarf this week and loves it." - Joe on Dec 3rd, 2020 


"Thanks for the neon headband." - Tyler on Oct 17th, 2020 


"I received these beautiful sunflower potholders as a gift from a so well talented young man. They match my kitchen and my taste so well. I love sunflowers and their colors.. these potholders recreate those bright colors so well. They are so well made... as a piece of art!!! I just love them!!!!" - Carola Bello on Sep 24, 2020


"This hat was gifted to me and I couldn’t be happier! It’s so warm, fits great, and I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler to wear it more. I love the colors and quality of the hat! Highly recommend." - Ally on Sep 23, 2020


"I love my dream catcher. The colors pop so well and the material is very high quality. I look at it every day!" - Savannah on Jul 07, 2020


"This phone sock is well made, fits my phone nicely, and looks really cool. Love the silver sparkly thread. Very cute." - Annie Lott on Jun 26, 2020


"When I first saw Ta-Shun’s work online, I made a suggestion for a nature-inspired dream catcher. I never expected Ta-Shun to take the request to heart and make this creation come to life in such a beautiful way! Communication during the purchasing process was incredibly friendly, patient, and professional. The product arrived before its expected shipping date, and is high quality! You can truly see the passion and creativity shine through the piece. I’m incredibly impressed and will definitely be ordering from The Hookup again soon. 5/5 would highly recommend these products!" - Ariana on May 25, 2020

Earthy color themed oversized dream catcher

Green, brown, and tan oversized dream catcher


"Such a wonderful and whimsical piece! I wanted this piece specifically for my niece, and I know she is going to LOVE it! Product came in the mail before delivery date in great condition. Lots of care went into creating this product, and it shows. Very excited to purchase from The Hook Up again!" - Ariana on May 25, 2020


"After getting these, I threw away all my other oven mitts and now only use these. I can't feel any heat at all when i use them and they look so much nicer than anything else I could use! They hold up well, can be washed easily, and look so great in my kitchen" - Mecca W on Mar 31, 2020


"I never liked having to fumble around for my keys or have bulky pockets from holding them so when I received my lanyard I never had to worry about that again. Looks so nice and soft that it's easy to forget I'm even wearing it. I even bought one for my friend for his birthday and he loves it!" - Mecca W on Mar 31, 2020

Amazing Material!

"Amazing material! Awesome prices! Can’t beat hand made accessories that are this beautiful!" - Allie A.

Softest Headbands!

 "Softest headbands and they’re handmade, can’t get any better." - Eryka M. 


"Shout out to my talented friends at The Hook Up for making me a Gators headband!" - Savannah K.

Love It!

"Love my headband. Thanks!" - Shannon S. 

Quality Material!

"Good looking dream catcher. Accurate size, quality material, looks really nice." - Greg H.


My Daughter Loves It!

"My daughter loves her headband, thanks!" - Anon. 

Love The Colors!

"Thanks for the scarf! I love the colors." - Jeremy A. 

So Many Compliments!

"Thank you!! I get some many compliments when I wear this at work." Jesse A. 

Conversation Stater!

"I purchased my coaster from you guys and I couldn't be happier! Not only is it well made, but its actually a convo starter! Keep up the hard work! You guys rock!" - Miguel R.

Buy One Now!

"I love it! It fits really well, and the yarn and liner are thick for an extra barrier. I’d recommend these to anyone looking to have one to use while grocery shopping. Buy one now before the inventory is low- It might be the only mask you get the opportunity to buy." - Paige N.

Soft & Very Breathable!

"Had this made for my grandma and she loves it! Soft and very breathable! Thank you!" -Kayla R.
Elderly woman wearing COVD-19 protective face mask.